3 ingredients for a recipe for success in your training

Are you new to the gym or a veteran to the iron game? It doesn’t really matter because both of you need to ensure you are adding these ingredients to your training.

Goal setting / Recordingimages

This is VITAL. You must have something down on paper that you want to achieve, something that is driving you to get into the gym each day, it doesn’t matter what it is, but it does matter that you make a point to write this down and record it. If you haven’t done this, its ok I’ll wait ………. SERIOUSLY GO WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN NOW. Your goals will change over time as you develop and want more challenges and its important to always write your goal down so you are 100% clear on what you are trying to achieve, this is the failure of so many. A ship without a destination just floats at sea !! Similarly, you need to record and monitor everything you do in the gym, no matter how big or small it is you need to record it. The simple reason for this is that you don’t see progress day in day out but when you look back on a training log over the course of a few weeks/months you will quickly realise that the workout that left you for 6s and 7s a few months ago is a glorified warm up now. Noting gives you a boost such as this. I still have training logs from when I was 17 and I take pride in looking at how far I have come in that time.


This is HUGELY important. No matter who you are, without this key ingredient nothing will ever be achieved. There is not much to be said here other than stick with your Programme and be patient and the rewards will come.

Mastering the basics first

downloadThis is also a pretty big one. You need to spend time developing and mastering the basic fundamental movement patterns. This is hard for those that are impatient as they want to do the cool shit straight away, but 99/100 this leads to injury. Stick to the process, learn to crawl, walk and then slowly learn to run. Now go add these elements to your training and reap the awesome benefits.

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