Good Idea ; Bad Idea ; Weightloss.

13412959_1042045955873820_8343989232781503170_nOne quick recipe for failure is to diet and train to look a given way or to lose weight etc. Its a negative approach to always be in a negative energy balance and its just a miserable place to be. However, if you diet and train to get fitter, stronger, more athletic and fuel performance then I promise you will enjoy it for one and will most definitely achieve that hot body you wanted in the beginning. Without doubt the majority of people join gyms to lose weight and Guerilla is no different. However when we sit down with new member and discuss goals after 8-10 weeks we like to set 3 targets. One is improved performance in bodyweight movements such as pull ups and push ups etc. By improving in this area you have to improve body composition and its a significantly more positive way to improve body composition by working towards improvement rather then focusing on a number on the scale. If you look to improve your performance and fuel your training to do so then can get fitter stronger and leaner, but instead by purely dieting and dieting harder and harder it never works out well. P.S. Ladies that “toned” look you want is called muscle and you need to eat LOTS of protein and train hard to build it. Cutting calories and doing excessive cardio is actually the total opposite if you want to achieve a lean and “toned” body How many of you can relate to this?

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