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Any day but today!

When you are you going to stop living a life you don’t like and get on with the life you want? Any day but today!

When are you going to quit that job that doesn’t make you happy to find the work that you dream about every day, while doing the work that doesn’t make you happy? Any day but today!

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When you going to stop blaming everyone else in your life for who you are and how you live? You are who you are because you want to be who you are. Nothing changes until something changes. But I know, any day but today!

When you going to call the parents and tell them it wasn’t their fault? When you going to call those old friends and ask forgiveness over petty stuff that happened years ago? When you going to forgive you ex-person for being a piece of work and just get on with your life? When you going to understand we all make major mistakes in life, even you, and ask yourself for a little forgiveness for your own stupidity. I know, I know, any day but today.

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You walk out the door and never come back. You become one of those exciting car wrecks on FB. You never lived because you never took the risk it takes to be human. Are you really willing to leave with so much undone, so much petty turmoil streaming behind you, so much sadness left that could be solved in minutes with a phone call all over what? Ego? Fear? Just plain laziness?

I know, I know, you were going to get to that any day but today. Bad news!! Today is the day. It is a shame you don’t understand the value in your own being. It is a waste you will not live up to your gifts. You could really be the person in your dreams if you just understand the power of today is the day and my only day. Today it is!! 

Credit Thomas Plummer 

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