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BAD Juju !!

I am a very confident male, in great shape and extremely fit and with 18 years weight training experience you would think I would feel comfortable in any gym environment, but I don’t and I have a problem with it.

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Almost all commercial and budget gyms and filled with two things, mirrors and narcissistic people who are so too busy taking selfies of themselves and admiring their abs in the mirrors to even say hello to others.

There is such a negative and unhealthy environment in these gyms as everyone judges one another as everything is about aesthetics and how you look. As someone who has abs, is confident and knows what they are doing, even I find these environments just toxic and one of two things will play out, either you leave because you can feel the judgey eyes on you or you buy into that ethos and become the next social influencer and spend more time pouting in front of mirrors in your crop top with a focus on how you look over how you feel and perform.

For this reason, warehouse gyms and CrossFit spaces have exploded over the last 10 years as these spaces are filled with people who instead of staring in mirrors like to engage with others and instead of staring and judging others want to support each other and instead of a toxic environment where only the narcissist alpha males live we have a family friendly, positive environment where everyone is made welcome and everyone is an equal because lifting 200kg or 2kg doesn’t make you any better a person.

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So if you thought the gym thing wasn’t for you, maybe you just haven’t joined the right one.
We have spent 7 years cultivating a culture, an environment at Guerilla Fitness where there are zero ego’s, no one person is more important than the next, we strive everyday to be better and everyone helps and supports once another.

You are a product of your environment, choose wisely !!

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