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Be aware the pat on the back!!

Everyone loves to be told we are doing a good job, we all love and seek approval and the praise of our peer’s. 

But maybe that praise is holding you back. 

While this may be an effective method for motivation, however, all you are truly doing is weakening ones mind, you are conditioning a person to expect congratulations for doing the things they are meant to do. 

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A lot of things are not deserving of a pat on the back, there are many things we are supposed to do well as part of being a good human being. Doing your job well, pat on the back. Exercised today? Pat on the back. Got up early? Made you bed? Cleaned your house? Did good in school? All pats on the back !! I call bullshit. 

There are things you are supposed to do well, everyday things and you should be trying to be the best version of you every single goddamn day. 

A pat on the back or congratulations should come when you go above and beyond what you are supposed to do, what you are paid to do, what you are expected to do. 

Don’t expect a pat on the back for the shit you, as a good human being, are supposed to do every day of their lives in an effort to be the best you can. 

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