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Land based swimming exercises. Part three, Core Strength.

A strong core is a requirement for swimmers looking to increase speed and improve technique. In order for swimmers to minimise dra…

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Land based swimming exercises. Part 2 Thoracic spine mobility.

Today in our 2nd piece in our four-part series we are going to address a highly problematic area in general population which is th…

Canva Person Swimming on Body of Water

Land based swimming exercises. Part 1, Shoulder mobility.

If you have not read my introduction to this four part series on land based training for open water swimming, then please check it…

Canva Person Swimming on Body of Water 1

Open water training during isolation.

Training for an upcoming triathlon or an open water swim event right now can be extremely challenging given our movement restricti…

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You need to know and understand your WHY

Its very easy to pick a goal and go hell for leather and you may or may not achieve it, but the likelihood for most people is that…

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The cold hard truth

I’m sorry if this hurts, but that means I’m talking directly at you and you need to take notice, because everyone suga…

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The whisperer

What’s the difference between those who get up at 5am and workout and those who hit snooze 17 times in a row? The whisperer….

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Money can buy almost anything, but not this !!

I had an interesting interaction with a recent prospect which I feel warrants this post as a hugely teachable moment came from it,…

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You get what you deserve !!

What gives you the right to earn to earn a PB was my thoughts when speaking with a client recently. During a recent conversation, …

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