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You can’t NAMASTE the bear away !!

Mental health problems cost the Irish economy over € 8.2 billion annually, according to a new OECD report. Ireland has one of th…

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Little Ninja Long Term Development

Foundations Ages 6+ In the foundation stage, participants develop foundational movement skills and movement patterns in structured…

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The long way is the shortcut!!

How many of you have set a goal, made a right go of it and went all in but ultimately came up short before repeating the same frus…

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Only take advice about your dreams from people who actively chase their own!!

Sounds obvious right when you see it in front of you, but unfortunately people will que up to offer you unsolicited advice and bei…

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Correctly measuring your health.

I keep coming back to this and how we perceive progress and progression which has to be a metric we can measure such as a heavier …


How can I?

Don’t say I cant, instead ask, how can I? You know how big I am on a positive mindset, for those of you who don’t know…

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Who are you and who do you want to be?

Who you are today result, who you are tomorrow is a choice. Think about that for a moment. Who you are today is a culmination of y…

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BAD Juju !!

I am a very confident male, in great shape and extremely fit and with 18 years weight training experience you would think I would …

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Quit coasting!!

Do you remember your first day in work? Do you remember how eager and hard working you where. Do you remember getting your clothes…

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