We are who we are because of the decisions we make every single day.

We are who we are because of the decisions we make every single day. We wake up, we decide to either just survive the day once more time, or we decide to be a force of nature that changes the world around us. You still had to get up. You still had to go to work. All you had to really decide was how you want to live that day. We decide every single day to be healthy, fit and seek a quality life or we decide to quit trying and have our life shrink away from us as we seek to ruin ourselves one bad decision at a time. Fitness isn’t the big shift in life; fitness is a 100 small choices a day that add up to a life well lived.

You could go for a long walk, yet there you sit on the couch staring at a fake reality watching people have pretend lives while you give up yours. Sit on the porch and bark like a scruffy poodle or run big dog, run and live a life unique to you. You make a decision everyday to touch people, smile, be patient, be generous or you decide to be the lame prick the world would quietly celebrate if you left it early. You decide to read to your child or you decide to park the kid in front of a video while you scroll for an hour. You can decide to put the phone down and try for 30 minutes to be the best parent ever or you decide to check those messages just one more time and yet another chance to love your child is lost. Every day you decide to be in love with your special person or you decide to let it all go and slowly fade away because you won’t do the work. Get in, or get out, but don’t waste your life and your spouse’s too. Every day you decide to be the best employee ever, or you simply accept another wasted day being average, taking someone’s money for doing work so much less than your potential. You withhold your talent, you waste your talent and if you do it long enough you lose your talent. YOU decide to accept aging 20 years before you should, you decide to be a lesser version of your potential, you decide to be a great friend or a lost friend, you decide to be successful or to live a life of quiet frustration and you, and only you, decide how you want to live your life. Tired of being broke, tired, old, petty, pissed, average, fat, angry, distant and just a lousy human being? Then make better decisions, because you control all of this and only you can decide to change it… one decision at a time.

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