How can I?

Don’t say I cant, instead ask, how can I?

You know how big I am on a positive mindset, for those of you who don’t know me I am an extremely positive person, not the bubbly happy go lucky care free type of positivity, but rather a stubborn shit that wont give up until I find a way, the type of person that wont take no for an answer and the type of person that backs themselves in any situation.


Its a mindset I have forged my whole life and one I can count on when the shit hits the fan and I can plan my way out of a dark hole one step at a time. We have all been there in workouts for example, we are halfway through a monster workout and you hit the wall and think I cant do another 100 burpees, but, just as you would do in that case, instead of focusing on the 100, just do 5 reps, rest,do 5 more and repeat and soon you see the light.

Do this for me now please;

Think of a job/task/chore you don’t want to do today but must. Something you “have” to, but really don’t want to. Ill give you an example;

I “have to” write content for social media today

I “have to” hang up the washing

Small minor chore and jobs simply I have to do.

However, change the “Have to” into “Get to” and add in a because.

I “Get to” write content for social media today, because I have a tribe of followers, like you reading this now, who look to us for motivation, inspiration, support and knowledge.

I “Get to” hang up the washing because I am fortunate enough to have clean clothes and the means to easily wash and dry my clothes with ease.

The simple task of replacing “Have to” with “Get to’s” makes a drastic difference on how you feel about something. Something which slightly weighted you down now lifts you up, it makes you feel grateful and reminds you just how fortunate you are when you where thinking you otherwise.

Similarly, every time you find yourself in a situation where you are saying “I cant” then you need to stop, check yourself and ask yourself “How can I” and instead of knocking it on its head, look for a way to at least attempt it.

Mindset is everything.

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