Member spotlight – Avril Allshire-Howe

dsc_3761Today’s we sit down and speak with the legend that is Avril Allshire – Howe.

Avril has been an absolute inspiration from day 1 when she arrived into us. As a mum to two of our our fittest members in Maurice and Will she has as she would say always played the supporters role from the time she was a little girl and always supported in the stands as her sisters competed and then her boys, but never did she participate in any sporting or fitness endeavours.


Avril has proved its never too late to start and above all else you don’t need to be fit to start, you simply just have to want to be better and set realistic expectations.


In a short space of time Avril has transformed her fitness and strength level’s, its inspiring to watch and a privilege to know her.


Avril, keep up the great work, we are so incredibly proud of you.


Name – Avril Allshire-Howe


Age – 56 & counting


Occupation- Director of Caherbeg Free Range Pork Ltd.


How long have to been at Guerilla Fitness ? 6+ months


What do you enjoy about Guerilla ?The challenge of trying movements & exercises that I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing 12 months ago. On the street, I’m regularly getting compliments about how well I look and much of it is down to the fact that I move better and faster than previously.


What is your favourite and least favourite movements ? This is a toss up between rowing as there’s a rhythm to it & the weightlifting. Least favourite has to be the sandbag – it moves.


What is your biggest achievement so far ? Taking part in the Birthday WOD & strict press of 27.5kg. Unimaginable.


What are your future goals ? Very simple – to continue to improve my mobility and flexibility but my cardio will always need improvement. Coaches have heard me say on more than one occasion that I’ve run out of ‘puff’.


Any advice for someone starting out or thinking of starting out with Guerilla. At any age, go for it. Attention to what the coaches tell you is paramount to a better result. Don’t hide any injuries/niggles; you’re only doing yourself a disservice.


Tell us something we don’t know about you ? I worked in admin in a funeral home in Cork city & one of my duties was to meet with families to organise funerals!


Who is your gym buddy that you love training with the most? My times are so varied that I think the only class I haven’t done is the last one of the evening. To date, I’ve enjoyed meeting members of all ages and abilities. I love having the chance to watch others who can frankly do things better as I learn from that too.

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