A Members perspective – What Guerilla means to me.

Disclaimer – I did not ask for this wonderful piece, it was simply (gratefully) sent on to me outlining how big an impact Guerilla Fitness plays in one of our members lives. Thank you very much for your beautiful articulated story. 

What Guerilla Fitness means to me!

Every day we look after our family, our kids, our colleagues, our pets, strangers even, but too often we don’t make time for ourselves, be it emotionally or physically. It’s not a bad thing to be selfish; in fact it’s a necessity. You know that advice you give to others regularly? We need to take a dose of that medicine too. This for me can often be the most difficult. I think it’s fair to say that everyone has felt down in their life at some time, more often than we care to admit if we are honest. Finding ways of harnessing our emotions/energy and being kind to ourselves is something that is different for every person I know but for me Guerilla fitness is my vehicle of choice. Why? Because a place of strength and purpose which practices consistency and encourages me to pursue the best version of me is a place I can’t ever imagine my life without. VOL. 01 I have developed a love for this community, a place of health, attitude – simultaneously positive & sassy, energy, fun and mental toughness but most importantly it provides a sense of ‘home’. Be it a high 5, coffee after training, a simple text or the knowledge of people having your back, it really has become a place of respite and fulfilment. hiking Learning to train for performance over aesthetics can be a hurdle that many have to overcome. Joining crossfit has allowed me to explore new ways of thinking. Becoming functionally strong, stronger that I ever imagined possible, improving my flexibility and mobility have become a focus. I’ve learned that the hidden place where that ‘glow’ comes from, the one that everyone asks about, is inside of me. I no longer feel better or solely motivated because of the mirror, I feel better internally. Fitting into a smaller size or dropping some unwanted body fat of course makes me feel proud too, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t but this has become a by-product. headers e Everything we do inside the walls of the gym are stepping stones to living a better life outside of it – be it playing with our kids, running 5k’s, adventure racing or simply climbing the stairs. Moreover I have learned that life is short and in order to grasp it with both hands and live my potential best, I have to look after my body, it’s the only place I have to live. I have achieved so much over the past year; I have opened new avenues of dialogue with myself, positive ones for the first time in years. I have started investing in myself. Training with an array of people from all walks of life and fitness has been incredibly rewarding and grounding. I’ve learned to appreciate possibility and grit. Getting stronger, losing body fat, sweating out negativity, developing friendships, holding myself accountable, being inspired, achieving pb’s, comparing callouses (don’t lie – you’re proud of yours too!) and simply standing taller has been the welcomed side effects of my time in Guerilla.   I can’t wait to see what each new week brings. The worst decision you can make is no decision, try something new, forget about what you so called can’t do, look at what you can. Be open to possibility whatever path that may be. MCS 0508 Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and bring out your best you is invaluable medicine. We are blessed to be living at a time when our own well-being is in our own hands, find something that makes you happy, Guerilla Crossfit just so happens to be mine.

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