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Money can buy almost anything, but not this !!

I had an interesting interaction with a recent prospect which I feel warrants this post as a hugely teachable moment came from it, not for me, but for her and most likely you too.

This person got in touch about a race coming up in 4 weeks time in which she wanted help. She openly stated that she hadn’t put in the work and with a deadline fast approaching she wanted me to kick her ass and level up her fitness ahead of this race.

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This is something that comes up more regular than it should, most commonly would be brides looking to get in shape about 3-4 weeks out from their big day, but that’s going down another hole.

I spoke with this women and quickly realised her expectations where unrealistic and I couldn’t help. I said the hay should be in the barn now, an expression used meaning the hard work should be done by now and you should be nearly backing off so close to a race. I told her I cant help with this race but I can help you with the next one.

This leads me onto my teachable moment. Money can buy almost anything but it cant buy fitness and health. Its cant buy it because the only things which get you fit and healthy are characteristics such as commitment, dedication and perseverance.

This women thought that paying for 121 sessions several times a week could help so close to a raise, she thought she could buy her fitness, but you cant.

Bring a person into my gym and Ill tell you who they are. Get them to do a few workouts and Ill know very quickly who are they are and what they stand for. There is no hiding place in the gym, you cant bluff it, you cant buy it, you cant fake it. You can see immediately who has an ego and who doesn’t, who is honest and hard working and who are the cheats.

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And some will very quickly say, sure a workout doesn’t mean anything. Oh, but it does because how you do anything is how you do everything and if your willing to cut concerns in the gym, your cutting corners everywhere else too.

But the good news is, its never too late to change. Its easy to become a better person, you just need to make small habitual changes and that starts by being more honest, consistent and committed to everything you do.

Like that prospect I spoke with, I cant help you for a race now if you haven’t put in the work, but I can help you put in the work now so you are ready for the next one. You cant change who you where, but you can change who you are and who you want to be.

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