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Quit coasting!!

Do you remember your first day in work? Do you remember how eager and hard working you where. Do you remember getting your clothes ready the night before, getting up early, getting a solid breakfast and being full of energy going into work?

Now you wake up late, scramble through your wardrobe to find clean clothes and rush to work with coffee in hand. In work, you have become so efficient at just about doing the minimum to get by before coming home to watch, dare is even say it…. .LOVE ISLAND !!

And you wonder why you didn’t get the promotion or make the team or hit your goals in the gym !! You are coasting in everything you do.

What happened between now and the first day on the job? You got comfortable, you got lazy and that is the habbits of losers. Winners get up early everyday and make their bed, have their clothes ready, have their breakfast planned and are ready to boss the day ahead with the same energy and enthusiasm they had when they needed to make a good impression during the probation period in work.

Its natural to get comfortable, but you need to stop coasting and continually find a way to level up each and everyday and be the absolute best you can be.

Ask yourself a serious question, look back on your last week and ask yourself, could I have done better in everything I did? Of course you can. Level up, stop coasting and be the best version you can be.

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