Tanya Levis Member Spotlight.

This week on our member spotlight we speak with Tanya. Tanya has a heart of gold and has wormed herself into the hearts of all our members.

Tanya is an absolute blast and always looks like someone on a caffeine buzz with endless energy and enthusiasm.

Tanya was not the typical gym bunny when starting but found out pretty quickly that Guerilla Fitness is different and there is a place here for everyone and naturally enough she has turned into a beast.


Keep up the good work T.


• Name – Tanya


• Age – 25


• Occupation Social Care Worker


• How long have to been at Guerilla Fitness ? Since last year


• What do you enjoy about Guerilla ?


I love the community within Guerilla fitness it’s like a big family. In my short term being there I have made life long friends.

I love how my coaches know me so well there are days when Ki & Ets encourage me to do things I don’t think I’m capable of doing and they always end up being right. I cannot flaw them in any way and thrive from their coaching.


• What is your favourite and least favourite movements ?

My favourite moves are mostly anything with the barbell. I love deadlifting & squatting

Least favourite is by far wall balls.


• What is your biggest achievement so far ?

I’d say my biggest achievement would be doing rumble. I never in my life thought I would enter anything competitive let alone pay to compete in an exercise competition but I loved every minute of it. And possibly my 1RM deadlift. That was brilliant.


• What are your future goals ?

I would love to be able to do a hand stand push up. I have a hand stand just not the push up part yet.


• Any advice for someone starting out or thinking of starting out with Guerilla.

Don’t think about it. Just come and give it a shot.


• Tell us something we don’t know about you ?

I opened the first ever youth cafe in Carrigaline before moving to West Cork. I also choreographed a dance to perform on stage in Disney land when I was 15.


• Who is your gym buddy that you love training with the most

For a short period I loved training with my other half Andrew. For the first time we could compare fitness and it brought a healthy competitiveness to the relationship. Big shout out to my woman Marion. Love doing a class with her and my lil pocket rocket Edel. But I must say there is nothing like the buzz in the 7.05 class with Ki & Ets.

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