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The cold hard truth

I’m sorry if this hurts, but that means I’m talking directly at you and you need to take notice, because everyone sugarcoats this, in fact, everyone nowadays sugarcoats everything in case of hurting someone and that’s why we are in this mess in the first place. What mess? The growing obesity epidemic.

Every January the same people will sign up to something and always fail to stick with the Programme. Sometimes its the Programme that didn’t suit the individual but more often than not its the individual who just quit.

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They look for answers and the kind of things people advise them on is to write down goals etc, get a gym buddy, get to bed earlier, eat better etc. All noble things, but none of them last longer than a chocolate Lindt bunny at Easter time.

People will make you feel better and side step the issue at hand to avoid landing a blow to ones ego, but by sugarcoating something, your never going to help anyone, if your a real friend you will them that what they need to hear and if they are a good friend they wont kill the messenger.

So this January, if you find yourself super motivated in week 1 but by week 4 your slipping, your not making the gym, your sleeping in, your eating out again and old habits a creeping back.

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Its not because of the Programme its because your lazy. Your perfectly happy being who you are and the idea of change is much better than realisation that it requires work.

And your OK with it, your OK with who you are and the cold hard truth is you wont ever change until you are ready to tell yourself the truth that you are in fact lazy and you truly don’t want to get better more than you want to work.

You see everyone wants to be better, but very few want its badly enough to work hard enough and long enough to create change, and so they stay the same.

Do you want it more than you want to work?

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