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The whisperer

What’s the difference between those who get up at 5am and workout and those who hit snooze 17 times in a row? The whisperer.

What’s the difference between those who come home tired after long day and cook a healthy meal and those who eat a microwave dinner or take out? The whisperer.

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Whats the difference between those who no matter hail, rain or shine get their shit done and those who don’t? The whisperer.

We all hear that loud voice in our head, the voice that tells you that we have done enough, to sleep in, its OK to have a day off, its too cold out, a treat is good for us blah blah blah, the bullshit excuses are endless, but we all hear them and they are all pretty loud and they make a compelling argument.

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But we have this other voice, its not as loud and definitely not as compelling. Its a gentle whisper that says keep going, don’t stop, get up out of bed, you can do this etc. Its only a whisper but success comes when that whisper is all you can hear and it becomes so constant it drowns out the bullshit you tell yourself.

Listen to the whisper.

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