We are all born savages.

You are a or at least where a savage. We where all born savages and had the ability to be a savage but we conditioned ourselves to be soft and weak, but its not to late to still be a savage.

Our bodies adapt to so many different environments. When hurt, it finds a way to survive, when too hot, it finds way to cool down, when too cold, it find a way to protect our vital organs.

Through being challenged in different ways, mentally & physically, we can force our bodies to adapt, to become that of a total savage.

Andrew being a total savage !!

However, instead of seeking challenge, we seek comfort, we take ourselves out of the harsh environments and we lose that savage mentality as we become brittle.

With each passing decade, with improvements in technology and home comforts we are become weaker and weaker, softer and softer. Less mentally robust and physically fit.

I’m all for “netflix and chill” but we must continue to challenge our bodies and our minds. Stop running from challenges, instead start seeking them. Like the hardened callouses on the hands of a hardworking man from years of grinding we too must build callouses on our mind and be the savages we where meant to be.

Its raining, I’m not going outside……. now is the time to go outside, get outside your of comfort zone, callous your mind, become a savage.

Its too cold, too hot……. get outside of your comfort zone, callous your mind, become a savage.

I’m too tired, too sore to train……. now is the time train, callous your mind, become a savage.

Ann is old school, she isn’t afraid of the weather and never makes an excuse. Savage.

While the majority of the world is now almost overweight, soft and weak as a result of running from challenge and seeking comfort, I want you to be a wolf among sheep and seek out challenges regularly and force your body and mind to adapt. Become a stronger, better version of you.

people working out in a group fitness class


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