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What does wealth mean to you ? Riches & belonging’s or life experiences?

If you want to survive life, you have to find your own definition of “wealth.” Wealth used to be defined by the accumulation of stuff, meaning big cars, big houses and the big payments that go along with those things. There are even “coaches” on the social media, and I use the term “coaches” with a pained expression, who still use the old “live like a millionaire like me” approach to selling their method of success. love vs money1

But what if everything we think we know about success; the lessons passed down by a generation caught up in someone else’s madness, are just wrong for us today?
What if success is, the ability to spend more time with your family The willingness to live in a smaller house so you can spend your life chasing adventures and experiences .The ability to create wealth with the only thought that money is nothing more than the freedom to live life on your own terms .
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Having enough money in the bank so you never are held hostage by a job you hate or have to live in a town where you are miserable Maybe success is being able to help a friend or family member who needs a hand and you have the money to do it . What if success is simply being able to work a job forever where the most important thing is the lives you change? What if success is waking up with a spouse you love, a kid draped over you and a dog in the blanket? What if success is what you already have plenty of, but you ruin your life chasing more.

Money is important. Money allows freedom and choice. You have to make and save enough money to build a future where you and your family are safe. But money doesn’t have to be the collection of stuff. It doesn’t have to be big debt and the illusion of wealth. Wealth isn’t defined by what you drive; but by what kind of person you are and the friends who surround you.  

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Maybe wealth is the experiences of life and not the collection of stuff your kids sell cheap at a yard sale when you die? Maybe you are already wildly wealthy and just don’t realise it? Maybe everything you need is what you already have, and you are the wealthiest person you know in what really counts in life?

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