Coaching Vs A gym membership

When people make their first step to joining us at Guerilla Fitness many people may assume we are just another gym and they are just purchasing another bog standard gym membership. This couldn’t be further from the reality. download-1At Guerilla Fitness we provide coaching. Coaching is about providing a constant service of motivation, hands on attention and ensuring that you Programme specifically for an individual’s needs. In general a person’s Programme differs by degree and not kind, meaning that both an elderly grandparent needs to squat as much as an Olympic weightlifter or field athletes but how they squat is Programmemed differently. Coaching ensures we Programme the correct movements to elicit the right response for each individual. As coaches we ensure good movement patterns so that each individual can consistently improve and better their athleticism bullet-proofing their body.  Coaching is about knowing and understanding the individual in front of them so they can bring the best out of that person every session. A gym membership however is something completely different. A gym membership simply gives you access to a gym to do as you please. Maybe at a local commercial gym you might get a brief consultation and a basic Programme that may get reviewed every 8 weeks or so. It’s incredibly un-motivating and you are left to your own self to ensure progress. No one cares if you come in or not, you’re just another number to a commercial gym. At Guerilla Fitness we don’t just provide elite coaching but also off the floor support from goal setting and regularly check in’s to creating a massive social outlet where you can make friends and become a part of a small community who have decided that being unfit is no longer acceptable.

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