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Semi Private Classes

Our small group classes are designed to give you the benefits of 1-2-1 training, whilst enjoying the camaraderie of a semi-private setting. Guerilla Fitness classes produce exceptional results by effectively combining powerlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and other functional fitness movements. Our classes are universally scalable – meaning the class sessions are designed to be equally challenging to all athletes regardless of past experience or level of fitness. Sessions focus on the proper execution of all movements to achieve an all round level of cardio fitness, solid strength, and enduring stamina.


Semi Privates

  • Up to 9 sessions per calendar month

Semi Privates

  • Up to 13 sessions per calendar month

Semi Privates

  • Up to 17 sessions per calendar month

Semi Privates

  • Up to 22 sessions per calendar month

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Can I pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly?
Your membership will be deducted on the same day each month.
Can I pay eftpos/cash rather than direct debit?
Direct debit is one of the easiest ways to ensure you keep up with your membership payments each month. To discuss an alternative arrangement, come and see us at the front desk.
Are there any transaction fees on top of the membership?
Yes, all payments incur a 1-3% transaction fee via stripe.
Can I put my membership on hold if I can’t make it and how long for?
We do not offer holds or pauses as we do not enforce contracts.
What’s the process if I need to cancel?
To cancel your membership, complete the cancellation request form on our website 30 days before you plan to stop coming to our gym. As per our terms and conditions which are agreed and signed upon joining, we request a 30 day notice period to cancel. Essentially as its a month to month contract, we ask for one months notice. Once submitted of our friendly team will contact you to arrange your cancellation. Any cancelled members will be charged at current membership rates if they decide to rejoin.
Can I come in to try a class?
We don’t offer a free class as we know nothing about you and your exercise history and wouldn’t know how to program for you. Instead we offer a free consultation where you can come in and we can get to know you and through our fundamental program we then assess and screen your movement so we can finally correctly program for your needs in a class setting.
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