Getting to know coach Alison

We caught up with our newest team member, Alison and asked her 10 quick fire questions so we can get to know her better. Her job was on the line when she said she was a cat person, but she pulled it back with the love of Disney movies 😉 FB IMG 1459715695291 Ok so, here we go;

1) Something no body knows about you ?
I have a little bit of an obsession with stationary 🙂 I LOVE notebooks !!! 🙂
(Editors note – a little bit of OCD and you will fit right in with Bren and Hills)
2)3 Favourite things to do in your down time.

Watching movies is my number one !! I usually turn my phone on airplane mode for an hour or two every night as well !! I have a love hate relationship with social media and I love just forgetting all about it for a while 🙂 I love walking as well. If I have a few hours to myself I will always try get out for a walk! I live in the country and we have 2 dogs so its fun to bring them around the fields 🙂
3) Whats your favourite element to CrossFit and Why?
Ohhhh strength/ lifting for sure !!! I was an acrobatic gymnast, which meant I would carry/ throw/ lift a younger girl around the floor. So now I get to throw a bar around the place instead …. its a lot less risky !! 🙂
4) Favourite saying or quote ? 
Anything from Alice in Wonderland !!!
“Your entirely Bonkers. But Ill tell you a secret, All the best people are”
“This is impossible…. Only If you believe it is!”
I try to live by “How you do one thing is how you do everything” I like how thats not really motivational or inspirational its just a very simple way of creating good habits 🙂
(Editors note – I only did a blog entry on this last week !!)
5) Are you a DOG or Cat person?
100% Cats !! I have a new little kitten at home now and his name is Max and he is super cute 🙂 The cat I had before him died after 12 years !! So yeah its always been cats for me !! We do have two dogs at home as well though, it used to be 3 but we recently put one to sleep !! My brother has a springer that he hunts with every now and again. As I write this out I’m realising I live on a mini animal farm !!! Animals have always been around at home !!
6) Your favourite movie and book? 
Ahh God I don’t think I can pick one !! Haha well ok I’m not a big reader … (I never read) … and I love any movie with a bit of fantasy and creativity in them !! Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby, Alice in Wonderland 😉 I am also a Disney Geek … anything disney is good in my books !! I am in the process of collecting all the special edition dvds of all the disney movies !
7) How long are you coaching and what do you love about coaching?
I have been coaching since I was, maybe, 12? I started to work my way up in the gymnastics club I trained in from  a young age and I stayed coaching in there until I was 18. If I wasn’t in school, I was either training or coaching. When I finished with gymnastics, I started to coach ladies football voluntarily in my GAA.
I love being able to help people do things they didn’t think were possible. Seeing people work hard week in and week out is what motivates me. I love watching peoples confidence grow as well. No matter what the weight or movement, watching a member start to believe in their own ability is so exciting as a coach 🙂
8) Describe your perfect Sunday
Pancakes ..  (with loads of nutella) …And  try to get out and do something for the day!!  To be honest I think Sunday is the most boring day ever so I try my best to fill it !! I would love if someone would come to my house and prep my food and clean all my lunch boxes for me on a Sunday though, that would be amazing 🙂 Then chill for the evening !!
9) Reebok Nanos or Nike MetCons? 
Reebok all the way !!!! But I prefer SpeedTRs over Nanos 🙂
10) Favourite cheat meal? 
This would generally be a cheat Day for me rather than a meal …. But a Chicken Baguette from Donatellos usually hits the spot !! Ben and Jerrys Choc Fudge Brownie/ Phish Food are my go to treats 🙂 Honestly I would eat anything with chocolate on it 🙂 If I am being good I will have organic yogurt, chocolate protein, natural peanut butter and berries all mixed together and its my healthy cheat meal 🙂
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