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How to maximise your gym time.

Ok, time is precious and the gym is a time to clear your head space, but none of that means that you can’t take simple measures to maximise your 60 minutes in the gym. Here are some simple tips that will apply to Guerilla Fitness members and no doubt gym goers all over ; MCS 0167   1)Familiarise yourself with the day’s Programmeming. Look up the video library to familiarise yourself with a new movement or one you have not done in a while so when you are coached these skills you better understand the movement and cues. Plus people best learn through visual and verbal aids. Give yourself the best opportunity to move well and maximise your strength/skill work by knowing ahead of time what you are trying to achieve. REMEMBER ITS NOT WHAT YOU DO ITS HOW YOU DO IT!! 2)Pre Warm up and mobilise. Take a squat day for example or any gymnastic or weightlifting skill which requires you to be as supple as possible, you simply cannot expect to rock into a class 2 minutes before go time and perform optimally. A class may last 50-55 minutes but that is how long you are coached for, not how long you should be in the gym for. We expect you give 5-10 minutes either side of a class to warm up, mobilise and best prepare for the workout as hand. REMEMBER YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN, DON’T DO JUST THE MINIMUM !! headers h 3)Focus. This goes hand in hand with the previous two, if you have done steps 1+2 then this mean’s you are in a good place all ready. Anyone can exercise, you can go for a run, you can do some simple circuit class or spinning which requires a zombie like state of mind, but we do complex movement which ultimately wiled phenomenal results, but in order to do these well and get the most from them you need to be switched on. You cant expect to come in and perform a snatch the most skillful weightlifting movement bar none without an understanding of what you are trying to achieve and focusing fully on it. There are times for fun and letting go in low skill workouts but when we bring out the skill stuff you need to switch on !! 4)Have a bit of go about you !!! We only have 50+ minutes to take you through a coached class consisting of a warm up, strength or skill and most likely a high intensity workout to finish. We brief you on each step, what you are doing, how much to lift etc etc but immediately after the brief have a bit of go about you, time is always ticking away and we like the energy in a class high so at the call of 3-2-1 be ready to get moving and going about your business not off changing shoes and filling your water bottle etc. 5) Be a PRO at the things which require ZERO TALENT. zerotalent 1024x576 Follow these 4 tips and you will start seeing significant improvements in how your perform in the gym maximising your results. We can only do so much as coaches but you must prepare both body and mind before a class so we can get the most from you.

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