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Member Spotlight – Peter Hayes

This week on our member spotlight we speak with Peter Hayes who along with wife Kaili and girls Jenna-Louise and Isabelle make a full family of Guerilla’s so no doubt conversations are never far away from the daily workouts. Peter is an absolute gent and has seen incredible progress since joining. A bear of a man who is a pleasure to coach as he loves learning and perfecting technique and like his wife is just so coachable which is a big part as to why he has come on so much in less than a year. Peter has become such a big part of our community and along with the whole family they never miss a social outing and just love having you apart of our gym. Keep up the awesome work, here is the man himself. DSC 2929 Name – Peter Hayes Age – 38 Occupation – Lorry Driver with Lisavaird co-op   How long have to been at Guerilla Fitness ? – Nearly 9 months       What do you enjoy about Guerilla ?-   What i enjoy most is the fact that it never gets boring no day is the same.The new friends that you would make and also the social activities outside of the gym.   What is your favourite and least favourite movements ?- Least favourite is dumbbell clusters and favourite is anything that doesn’t involve dumbbells.   What is your biggest achievement so far ?- Losing a stone and a half and taking part in the Rumble in august just a few months after joining the gym.   What are your future goals ? – In the future i would like to improve my gymnastics skilles like toes 2 bars and kipping pull ups.   Any advice for someone starting out or thinking of starting out with Guerilla.- Don’t be afraid to give it a go and to give it time because you won’t see any changes over night just stick with it because everything in guerilla fitness can be scaled to suit the person.   Tell us something we don’t know about you ?- I won a county medal with Carbery Rangers in 2003.   Who is your gym buddy that you love training with the most?- I will have to say my wife Kaili as she is sitting alongside me as i write this but it is impossible to pick any single person.  

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