Setting expectation’s.

If you are reading this the likely hood you have just joined as a new member and this process can be very overwhelming.  So first thing first… take a deep breath ….. This is not scary and yes you can do this 😉 I know that there is SO MUCH to take on board initially, so many new movements, computer Programmes and even a new language to learn like things such as WOD’s and AMRAP’s like that are they?? So again…. Take a deep breath …. And let’s set some expectations. We are fully aware you are a new athlete and what is so different about Guerilla is that every day you are going to be coached through movements which are Programmemed for you specifically, so if you forget something its ok, you will get it with time. All we want to do most importantly is get you moving properly and safely. Once you can move safely we will get you moving better and once you are moving better, eventually we will get you moving faster. The key here is to stick and trust with the process that has seen us change hundreds of people’s lives over the years. Kettlebell Workout Secondly, over your first two or more weeks depending on your currently actively level you will notice that after each session you may get crippling soreness all over your body. This is guaranteed and inevitable. It is called DOMS Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and its just your muscle fibres being broken down and rebuilt back stronger so it’s actually a sign ( a sore sign ) of progress. Initially the pain is bad depending how inactive you have become but very quickly your body adapts and DOMS disappears.  We will help you with this and during your first full week as a member we will get a coach to show you how to stretch and foam roll properly.   Thirdly, we eat breath and sleep movement quality. We love to see people move optimally and built a bullet proof body but often time’s people come into us carrying old injuries and muscular imbalances. It is our job to as I said get you moving safely so we will try to identify such imbalances and injuries and ensure they don’t become an issue as you progress forward. However, sometimes an old injury can come back to haunt you when you get moving again so if you get a niggle then please let us know ASAP and we can Programme around the injury and help address the issue properly is we missed it. I assure you that you are not a nuisance if you come to us with injuries and we are happy to Programme for you individually if needed. hiking Fourthly, is that a word? We will look at setting some goals to help motivate you and keep you accountable, however we won’t do this for about 6-10 weeks until you have a good understanding of what exactly you what to achieve. Yes I know you want to get fitter, stronger and leaner but we want to set specific goals that will show you how you have come. A great example would be someone being able to do a pull up, this show you have not just got stronger but you have improved body composition.  So after a few weeks you will get an email/text/call from us and we will meet you in the office before a class to discuss this and we will re-evaluate these twice a year. Finally, as I said at the start there is SO MUCH to take on board but rest assured we are 100% aware of this and we have a team and systems in place that will ensure you have a smooth transition into main classes. Just stick with the process and watch the magic happen.

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