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The long way is the shortcut!!

How many of you have set a goal, made a right go of it and went all in but ultimately came up short before repeating the same frustrating process.

I see this everywhere, not just in my line of work but in everything. People set a goal and do one of two things which sets them up for failure, they either rush in head first into a task and go too hard too soon or they try to be too smart and skip much of the process, taking short cuts, both of which never yield success or at least, lasting success.

You see the long way ends up being the shortcut. If you set out to do something and take your time, follow the processes and while it can take you 2,3,4 and even 10 x longer than the alternative short cuts or all in approach, but you ultimately end up hitting your goal which often the short cuts never ever do.

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Looking at weight loss as a typical example you have many many people who want to believe that through some magic shake or snake oil you can vaporise fat and lose weight effortlessly. And while some shake diets can yield shot term weight loss I wont go into detail on this, but its essentially just all water loss and once you return to normal eating habits you return to your normal size and weight…… frustrated, down and out, you lose motivation and some months later you repeat the process thinking the result will somehow be different.

Similarly I see people who do too much too soon, people come to Guerilla and want to do too much too soon and I see car crashes waiting to happen and luckily I can control somewhat their efforts, but for others who are less lucky to be without a coach many a doomed for to crash and burn. Many people get a fire lit inside them and are so pumped and motivated they do it all at once, they go over the top, they burn the candle at both ends by drastically cutting calories and eating noting but a stick of celery and a banana before cycling to work, having a green tea lunch and cycling to the gym and smashing themselves, before going home to a dinner of grilled chicken, broccoli and rice !! None of which is sustainable and then as quick as they started everything, they return to stopping everything.

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You see long term consistency trumps short term intensity in other words, the long way is the short cut and you need to believe and understand this if you want to succeed.

The way to succeed is by making small micro changes, 1% changes week by week. Week one increase your step by 500 a day. Week two make two more fresh meals than previous. Week 3 introduce some basic bodyweight exercise at home twice a week. Week 4 increase the step count by a further 500. Week 5 cut out all but one take outs and meals away from home. Week 6, start to exercise now four times a week. ETC ETC

Make each week 1% better, learn as you go and embed good habits which you can most importantly sustain.

Yes it will take longer, but its not about where you will be in 6 months, but where will you be in 6 years !!

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