This is what is wrong with the fitness industry!!

This bothers me deeply. There are two types of coaches and trainers in this industry, those that genuinely want to help others and those that think they are helping others. One type of coach / trainer gives people a large dose of what they NEED (screened movement and improved mobility and movement patterns – boring) and a small dose of what they want ( high intensity balls to the wall sweat fest – exciting ) while the other type of coach /  trainer gives large doses of what people want and none of what they need. The funny thing is that the coach / trainer who can actually bring about long lasting and life transforming results will struggle to make ends meet as people will always go to the trainer who makes them feel good and give a class where people can sweat all they want and walk out of a class feeling like they achieved something. This is mind boggling. I cant understand this. This is by and large the fitness industry summed up and the problem is the lack of awareness from people who are happy to participate in a class where despite constantly moving and sweating very little is being achieved long term. Yes you might be burning calories and yes it might be fun and yes doing anything is better than nothing but ultimately are you learning to move better? Have you improved your mechanics?  Have you built a stronger more bulletproof body that will keep you injury free and healthy long into your twilight years? Fitness is more than aerobic capacity and sit ups.  If I had a euro for every person I have met who can run a marathon but can’t squat with their own bodyweight properly I would be wealthy person right now. Similarly I have seen many people with lean bodies and good aesthetics who are constantly injured because of imbalances form focusing on to much of the wrong things. Fitness is about longevity, keeping us healthy, strengthening our cardiovascular and muscular skeletal systems but also ensuring we can move properly and avoid injury so we can run around the garden after our grandkids and walk around without aids when the twilight years come. Fitness is about education and knowing and understanding how good nutrition and movement. Fitness is a lifestyle that you continually improve upon. Fitness is not all about sweat, calories, mirrors, fat loss and abs it’s about movement, function and long term health.

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