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Training with injuries.

There is not a class that goes by without a coach at Guerilla Fitness opening their class brief with “does anyone have any NEW injuries or niggles we don’t know about” because it would be rare to have a class full of 100% fully fit, pain free member’s. DSC 6812

Our Goal

Our goal is to get people healthy first then fitter and stronger second because without the first part we are setting our members up for failure as you simply can’t build fitness on dysfunction you can read more about that here –

But the real take home message I want everyone to take on board is that if you get an injury today, you missed the signs yesterday. Unless you suffer an injury from an accident or trauma then your injury has given you warning signs for a while and you just ignored it.

MCS 0234


Our bodies are incredible resilient, we wouldn’t have evolved to what we are today otherwise, and because of that resilience we often power through for days / weeks / months and even years when moving poorly until your body can’t take it any longer. I like to use a credit card as a metaphor, when you try to break it by bending it, it won’t break just like our bodies, but do it 10/20/100 times and eventually it will break. You can pick your (insert odd heavy object here) off the floor in everyday life and not get hurt but without good mechanics and a bulletproof body you will end up getting hurt eventually, hence so many people have back issues.

But everyone in life is going to pick up and injury at some stage and it’s what we do when we get that ultimate makes us or breaks us. It’s not the injury or the scale of it that matter, but our mentality when it comes.

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One of two things can happen when you pick up an injury regardless of the seriousness. You can either choose to say “screw that, I am injured now sure I can’t train now so what the point” and stay at home feeling sorry for yourself and catch up on a few series on Netflix while tucking in to some feel good foods. This is only not going to help with rehab or prevent further injuries, but you are also going to gain a massive amount of weight through less activity and increase caloric intake, best case scenario, you don’t stress eat, but you will still gain weight as you are now moving and exercising less meaning less calories are being burnt and your metabolism will slow down.

Or you can choose the 2nd option, which is to say “crap, I got hurt, why did I get hurt? Was / is something not functioning right? why is it not functioning? Am I moving well? Basically, you can find the answer as to WHY you got hurt in the first place and 9 times out of 10 it wasn’t because you picked your kids school bag off the floor, that was just the hair that broke the camel’s back.

Once you find your answers and realise that you have some muscular deficiencies which caused imbalances in your movement pattern or whatever the answer is then you can use your injury as an opportunity to not only rehab yourself back to full health but use this time to address imbalances and weakness so the same injury will never happen again.

You are only as strong as your weakest muscle and as loose as your tightest, so work your weaknesses and build a body that is bulletproof.

 So to sum everything up, yes everyone gets injuries, but if and when you do it means you ignored all the signs leading up to the injury. Then when it comes, you can do two things, one is to do nothing, learn noting and just gain weight while you wait for the injury to heal or two you can take positive steps to understand why the injury happened and how you can build your

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