What happened INTENSITY?

What happened INTENSITY? Why did CrossFit flourish in its early days? Why did so many people love methodology? Why did EVERYONE get results? Because of the INTENSITY. CrossFit WAS varied, functional movement at high intensity. No one ever said this included Olympic lifting or gymnastics – that is the sport of CrossFit and because people follow games athletes and the sport they often feel they too much do high rep Olympic lifting, skilled gymnastics and learn to pace workouts, but these are all elements involved in training for the SPORT OF FITNESS and not the training methodology. Very rarely do we see people train with an intensity that leaves them hurting hard and that’s how CrossFit was meant to be. Yes we need to build strength, aerobic capacity and work skills such as Olympic lifts and gymnastics but not at the expense of intensity. Real everyday people who training in the 10,000+ CrossFit boxes worldwide who have no ambition for competition and after more often than not too broken to compete anyway just need simple Programmeming to build strength, mobility under tension, restore movement capabilities, rebuild their structure and imbalances but most importantly they need to be hit with a dose of high intensity. imagesIt was that intensity that saw the rise of CrossFit and the results it achieved. I’m not sure if its Rich Fronning’s pacing or the fact other people knocked people doing high skill at high intensity but both of these elements as I said are key to the sport of fitness and not the training methodology. BRING BACK INTENSITY. Teach people to grit their teeth, to push through pain, to develop mental toughness. Ask someone to push a loaded prowler from one side of a parking lot to the other and if they give 100% they will be a stronger and better person at the other end. Ask a person to do a tabatta row and not to drop off their best 500m split time, ask a person to max out Kelly then do a 400m run max effort. Intensity trumps volume every single time. YOU DON’T NEED HARDER WORKOUTS, YOU NEED TO GO HARDER IN YOUR WORKOUTS !!

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