Brake before you are broken.

download-2I’m not sure if it’s because I am constantly evolving into a more educated coach or there are just more broken people walking the streets today but I can’t walk down the street and see a runner with terrible mechanics running faster towards injury than any goal they may have and the same can be said of the vast majority of people who walk into our gym. Fitness is easy to fix, weight is an easy fix, movement is not and I am seeing broken people with major mobility restriction’s, muscular imbalances and deficiencies more and more. My message today is break before you are broken. Understand that you can’t build fitness on dysfunction and trying to run a faster 10km time while you can’t internally rotate is going to lead down a bad path, trying to squat without good mobility and an ability to externally rotate will equally break you. I get it, in this game we all need to see progress and get a win every now and again, otherwise why would you bother, and you can win’s and see progress but it doesn’t have to be load or time. You don’t need to squat MORE or run Faster to know you are making progress, in fact that progress of adding more weight or going faster is most likely pushing you toward injury and further away from progress. What you need to focus on is doing ABC better. Moving better is the best type of progress as it gets you further and further away from injury and or illness, bullet-proofing your body in the process. ITS NOT WHAT YOU DO ITS HOW YOU DO IT, meaning doing a squat and doing a squat can be totally different. Doing a squat but looking like a dog going for a twosie in a park should never be acceptable but doing a squat with full debt, staying tight throughout, bracing properly and externally rotating is a different matter altogether. So take a break from beating yourself down before you break and focus more on movement quality and HOW you do something.

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