Integrity is an important if not vital value to succeed both inside and out of the gym. 13133170_1017788141632935_1400872253450131468_nIts extremely easy to see who people really are inside the gym. The person with integrity never worries about the clock, or scores or PBs and just wants to move better while doing everything perfectly. 90% of ALL gym members fit into this bracket, but in EVERY gym and in every walk of life some people will always look for a quick fix, cut a few reps here, take a couple of seconds off my time etc, these people think their coaches are unaware but we are, we see it and ultimately only you can change it. Those who lack integrity are always looking for the short cut in every walk of like and ultimately they never get ahead in life. Particularly inside the gym, the people who lack this value are the ones who NEVER really progress because they are not willing to go through the same stages of struggle as everyone else and put in the hard work first. It just speak volume about a person who is willing to “cheat” to get ahead in something as meaningless like a workout. However, those who have integrity are always the ones who just never stop progressing. The people who will not give themselves a rep unless its perfect and are only inside the gym to improve themselves and dont worry about scores, times and anything but give everything they have in every class. If you are reading this and thinking quietly to yourself, sure what does it matter, exercise is exercise, does it matter if I cut a few reps and I am still gassed as everyone else, I am still working hard but just don’t want to look like a fool !! Then you my friend have no integrity, fitness is only about betterment of yourself and if you are more concerned with how other people perceive you then you will carry that through into every aspect of your life.  Be that person, be honest in your efforts and see how the world treats you !! P.S. This post is not directed at any one member but we do see members daily who cut reps, cut ROM, cut corners just like every coach see’s it in every gym.

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