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Member Spotlight – Linda O Sullivan.

This week we caught up with one of the longest standing Guerilla Members, Linda O Sullivan. To be fair I have to open with the fact that I don’t give Linda anywhere near the credit she deserves, she is the most talented women we have in the gym in that she will not only talk for Ireland, but no matter how hard or intense a workout is, no matter how short on breath she may be, she will always find an ability to talk 😉 In all seriousness there is no doubt that Linda brings alot of personality to the gym and brings the 10am classes to life for sure and we absolutely love having you. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Wodify Profile Pic Name: Linda O Sullivan Age: 44 Occupation: Domestic Goddess & mother of 3 How long have you been at Guerilla Fitness: On and off since December 2012 What do you enjoy about Guerilla: Well its a brilliant community … the girls and guys from the 10am class are such a great group of people and of course Brendan and Hills are great coaches. Whats your favourite and least favourite movements: I like deadlifting and am less keen on snatches. What is your biggest achievement so far: Well I continued to workout 4 times a week in Guerilla throughtout my 3rd pregnancy and came back 7 wks after my caesarean. What are your future goals: I hope to focus on nutrition this year as I know this will help me get stronger in the gym. Any advice for someone starting out or thinking of starting out with Guerilla: Give it 3 months … Guerilla is is so different and diverse that you can’t see the great gains to be made in just a month. Its the marmite of gyms so if you want something very challenging and never boring give it a go! Tell us something we don’t know about you: I have a fear of water but have cage dived with great white sharks off the coast of South Africa. Who is your gym buddy that you love training with the most: Well there are so many … all my friends at the 10am class especially Brenda, Niamh, Maria …. could go on for ages here as everyone here at Guerilla is an inspiration in their own way!

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