What it takes to be successful.

12509879_945739315504485_6214581437470812216_nAsk 100 different successful people what it takes to be success and you will get 100 different answers. However the vast majority will tell you they had these steps in common.They didn’t just wake up one day and find that success had been delivered to their doorstep. Quite the opposite: Successful people have worked to get where they are. Are you ready to try the six things that all successful people do? 1. Set goals Successful people set goals that have a specific completion date. I will lose 10 pounds within 60 days. Not, I will lose weight sometime this year. Set concrete goals with a time frame for when you want to achieve those goals. 2. Get started Successful people start immediately. They don’t drag their feet or put it off. They act on a goal right away, because they understand the power of momentum. They may not do the whole thing at once, but they do take a big step to get started. Maybe they fill out the calendar and reserve critical dates and times. Maybe they call others and get delivery commitments from them for those dates. No matter what it is, they take action right away. 3. Think positive This is the half-empty, half-full syndrome. Successful people are optimists and believe the cup is always half full. They aren’t pie-in-the-sky types, but they see the positive side of an opportunity, and they believe in their ability to achieve their goals. Success is a roller coaster and for every two steps forward they take one step back and despite several set backs and rejection the successful people remain positive and solider on while everyone else gives in. 4. Take action Those who are successful take action, even on partial information. Too many people wait around until they think they have all the answers. But if you do that, you may wait forever. It is called “analysis paralysis,” and a lot of people experience it. Successful people don’t proceed blindly, but they know that, once they have the critical details, they can make a decision and act accordingly. 5. Be determined They say that in war, the plans go out the window as soon as the first bullet flies. There are so many variables that it is impossible to determine how things will proceed. The same holds true for most life decisions. You don’t know what will happen once you take the first step, so the only constants are the end vision and your determination to get there, even if the path doesn’t unfold exactly as you envisioned. 6. Attract itquote-all-that-we-are-is-the-result-of-what-we-have-thought-the-mind-is-everything-what-we-think-we-buddha-339312 Many people use the law of attraction to become successful. This means having a clear vision of what you want. Your thoughts can draw success to you. I am not talking voodoo magic here. But I am suggesting that what we think about most, we notice most. When you buy that new blue car you’ve been coveting, you suddenly notice that everyone has the same car. Buddha once said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.”  

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