When was the last time you had a service ?

When was the last time your body got a service? I bet you can tell me when you last gave your car one however. Let me follow this up with another question, why do you service your car ? Basically because you want to look after it and prevent any big problems down the line right oh and because of that flashing light too. Well you’re no different. We all hear the similarities when it comes to nutrition between cars and humans that we need to fuel our bodies for it to run well and now I’m telling you to service your body like a car so it doesn’t go BANG one day and your left with a big problem. Ok, so you foam roll, you stretch, you eat good, is that not enough. For 90% of us its not, and I’m not talking about competitive athletes here I am talking about active regular everyday gym and exercise enthusiasts.   Regardless of how hard or easy you train your body will begin to break down at some stage and you will get some cracks on the surface, a little niggle here and there and this is normal. However, these niggles are usually a sign. Enter the service. Service your body, give it a little oil every 10,000 miles and change out the filters etc, in real terms what you need to do is see a reliable osteopath maybe every 6 months maximum for a few clicks and adjustments. You wouldn’t believe how out of alignment your body can be and when unchecked for a long time you will find this will lead to bigger problems down the line such as serious knee, back, hip and shoulder problems. Secondly you need to see a physio/masseuse monthly for a good deep tissue message and keep your muscles in tip top shape.   Finally, stretch and mobilise DAILY. 

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