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You need to know and understand your WHY

Its very easy to pick a goal and go hell for leather and you may or may not achieve it, but the likelihood for most people is that when motivation dips, which it will and which it does, you will tend to stutter to a halt.

Motivation is fantastic, its needed, its necessary, but it always disappears when you need it most. This why its vital to build habits that you can fall back on.

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But more important than your habits, more important that goal setting, more important than motivation is looking for and understanding your why.

Want to complete a marathon ? Why?

Want to get a job promotions ? Why

Want to get buy a home and get on the property ladder? Why

Maybe you want to run the marathon, but the reason behind it is increased activity and weightloss. You are currently unhappy with your health and physique and you are determined to change it. This is your WHY, this is the emotional driver that will get you out the door running when the weather is bad, when your tired and when you would rather do anything else, its knowing your WHY and understanding it that will act as a constant motivator and help drive you towards success.

Maybe you want a promotion, but the real reason is that you want financial freedom, or maybe you want the respect or responsibility. Whatever the reason there is an emotional driver behind this goal and knowing this is what will drive you on to working overtime and doing what is necessary to get you to your goal.

Maybe you want to buy a home, but the real reason is that you want security for your family and to set some roots. Again the reason behind the goal doesn’t matter, its often very personal, but none the less you need to understand because its that emotional driver which will drive you on towards success.

So when making a goal, you need to look beyond the target and look at the reason WHY you want to achieve this and its that WHY that will become your driver.

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