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Your childhood self would be ashamed of you!!

Do you have flexibility issues? Any niggely injuries?

Can you climb, run, jump, throw and swing? CAN YOU MOVE ??

As a kid, you could do all of this and more, BUT you went to school, then college, then began a career in the workforce and spent the vast majority of your life SITTING and not MOVING.

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Our lil Ninjas know how to move !!

As a result you have grown into a stiff adult who cant move even if you tried which then leads to your body breaking down on you which is why the only people I know with back issues are the one’s who are the most sedentary.  

NEWSFLASH – Your body is designed to move, your body is made to squat, jump, skip, run, throw and climb.  Your body is like a plane….. well kinda, did you know for every minute a plane is grounded its decaying because they where build to be in the sky and when they are permanently grounded they go to the Neavda dessert where the air is dry and the planes can be preserved.  You see when your grounded and not moving, you too are basically decaying.  Its a morbid thought, but that’s the reality.   

visit aircraft boneyard inspirational the center for land use interpretation of visit aircraft boneyard
visit aircraft boneyard Inspirational The Center for Land Use Interpretation

Your childhood self would look at you know and be disappointed at who you become, but its not to late to get that plane back in the sky !!

If you want to improve the quality of your life, get your movement back.

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