Monday Motivation

6 minute abs, 6 weeks body transformation classes blaa blaa blla it’s all totally bullshit. If it were easy everyone would be walking around with abs of steel, instead over 50% of the western world is overweight and or obese. Fitness and health cannot be an afterthought or something you do in a 6 week block every January because you are unhappy with how you look/feel. Fitness and health is something which needs to be integrated into your life, into your daily/weekly routine, this is the only way to achieve lifelong health and fitness.  Anyone who says otherwise is a complete idiot !! You won’t transform your life in 6weeks but you can start, like any journey you need to start somewhere. At Guerilla we have a habit of dramatically changing the lives of hundreds of people but it didn’t happen overnight, it happened one step, one day, one kg at a time. This past weekend we had several members compete in the Cork Open as you might have seen and for some of them they are experienced athletes lifting crazy weights but they didn’t start like that, that is the product of 4+ years of consistent work, 52 weeks of the year for 4+years slowing adding 1kg every few weeks. Similarly we had almost a dozen members take on the SCAR challenge in Skibbereen, with a hill trail run, cycle and kyack it required mental toughness and a serious level of fitness. Of the many members who took this on, ALL have dramatically transformed their fitness levels over time. For many of those who took on this challenge it would have been impossible to complete not long ago, but again through consistent hard work and changing their lifestyle this is no longer the case. Moral of the story today, you can look at instagram, facebook etc and see so many “FITSPOs” fitness inspiration’s and think to yourself I can never be like that, they are genetically gifted blab la bla, but the reality is that the same people you see who look incredible and are doing amazing feats of fitness had to start somewhere, but it didn’t happen overnight and it won’t happen overnight for you. They simply followed the same rules you need to also, eating well 90% of the time and exercising HARD 3-5 x weekly. You need to set realistic expectations but more importantly commit to this long term by making lifestyle changes and not just expecting to sign up for a 6 week Programme and transform your life for good !! pizap-com14766150323011

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