Stop stretching what is tight and strengthen what is weak!

Static stretching is dead !! Im so happy that the importance of flexibility and mobility are highlighted through the growth of weightlifting and adult gymnastics which require incredible levels of mobility. Unfortunately however, far to many people are going after improvements in their flexibility the completely wrong way…….. with old school static stretches. Stretching a muscle for a prolonged period of time may only SLIGHTLY if at all increase any length in a muscle, but if a muscle is tight then stretching it may not be the answer. 13012858_1009561152455634_3433863562045153735_nWhat is the answer? Well its hard to give a pin point answer without being too generic but essentially most if not all tight muscle’s are caused from tightness in the antagonistic muscle group, brought on from overuse as the directly tight muscle is weak. Take the hamstrings for example, many people cant touch their toes because of “short” or tight hamstrings. But the same people probably sit at a desk all day and suffer from a tilt in their pelvis which is caused from a pulling on the hip flexor which is extremely weak. As a result of this tilt, the hamstrings are constantly lengthened. The solution is to strengthen the weak muscle group and a neutral hip will gradually fall into place and muscle symmetry will allow normal range of motion in all muscle groups. So stop stretching what is tight and strengthen the antagonistic muscle group which is mostly likely weak !!

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