Testing and maxing out.

13256427_1030175097060906_8989612266647025855_nThink about this for one second; Would you go to or send your kids to school if they where tested too frequently ? I would doubt it for the following reason’s ; – Testing is not learning. If you read the same book a thousand times you learn noting new – Stress levels increase which can bring on anxiety attacks and this is not a healthy state of homeostasis Now, how is this any different to inside the gym ? Its not, but people want to test their fitness/strength daily for some reason. The same two reasons above still stand; -Testing is not training – If you test the same stuff over and over you cant get any better. -Stress (Central nervous system) levels are peaked as of the high intensity and constantly spending time maxing out can and will cause the body to regress rapidly. Now, dont get me wrong, there is noting better then getting a PB inside the gym, what drives us to come in on the shitty days is for the end goal of progress and we are motivated by progress. BUT, you must train for a period of time, preferably in periodised cycle which will wield a PB and ensure your not over stressing the body spending too much time at high intensities and allowing the body to build strength or fitness at lower intensities and higher volume etc. As a result when going through the various cycles and waves we Programme within Guerilla for our members, some people are disheartened if they are not allowed to max out, but please know this is in your best interest and when the time is right and the chains come off you will thank us 😉 Finally, but all remote athlete …….. and any remote athlete Programmemed by any coach, the above reason is a snippet into the reason why we as coaches and Programmemers FREAK when you decide to go and max out a lift on a random day because your with your buddies !!!!

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