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Why comparison is the thief of joy!!

I have no idea why it so ingrained in the human psyche to compare our lives with our peers at every level, but we do, and absolute…

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Why participation trophies are ironically breeding losers and not winners.

Trophies for all convey an inaccurate and potentially dangerous life message to children: We are all winners. This message is repe…

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Stop expecting a pat on the back for doing the shit your supposed to do.

Looking for a pay raise in work because you have been there for a while and done a good job? Made your bed today? Cooked a meal fr…

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Making progress can sometimes mean making no progress at all !!

There are very few guarantees in this life, there is the famous line about taxes and death, but I would also add in the shit storm…

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30 day challenge review.

For those of you reading I am sure you have been aware that I started a 30 day accountability challenge on Instagram in order to s…

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I’m running PB’s but my fitness is going backwards !!

Following on from Tuesday’s piece where I discussed the relationship between health and fitness and how its a bell curve whe…

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Fitness & Health, how closely linked are they?

Fitness and health is in many peoples eyes one and the same, but I want to testify that from both experience and expertise they ar…


We are all born savages.

You are a or at least where a savage. We where all born savages and had the ability to be a savage but we conditioned ourselves to…

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Don’t fear judgement, own that shit!!

Whenever you try to break free from being “normal” to being “exceptional” in everything in life, others wo…

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